By far the most popular character in the Mac and June novel is Grandpa. A crotchety old man when we meet him through Mac’s eyes, with a hatred for Germans born out of life in the trenches during World War I. As the book progresses however, Grandpa is the man who pulls no verbal punches, and often says what everyone is thinking but dares not say; one of the few benefits of old age.

People ask me who the real Grandpa is, did I know him? Is he one of my own grandparents? Sadly no, both of mine were dead long before I had the maturity or ability to observe any of their character traits. My father then? No, Dad was an affable, kind man without a malicious bone in his body.

Physically, he started out as the grandfather of one of my school pals. An old man who sat by the fire all day and was fairly stoic apart from the occasional terse outburst of vitriol.

If pushed, I’d say he is me, only without the social constraints.


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