The Cars of Mac and June

Since Mac and June is set in the seventies, and not all of you were alive then, I thought it might be helpful to show the cars that my characters ride around in while having their adventures.

First off is Mac’s MGB-GT. Iconic, British Racing Green (BRG), this car is one of several that Mazda looked at for inspiration when designing their timeless MX-5 (Miata). Not very powerful, but nimble, and very British. Grandpa doesn’t care for it – “like a bloody clown car.”



Next, Ronnie and Bessie’s Ford Granada. For me, this car is a good example of American, mid-century, automobile design influencing UK/European vehicles. The big Ford, with room for six and an available three litre V6 engine, was considered an executive express for those on the way up, or for towing a caravan to Sandend.. Theirs is a Mark I, as shown here.


Ford Granada (6)



Doug and Peggy’s Jaguar is a Mk1 XJ6. A favorite with villains and bank managers alike for its ‘classy’ looks and good value for money. In 1968, the big Jag that Peggy drives like a maniac was the latest in a long line of performance/luxury vehicles made by the English company.




Finally, Mac’s father’s 1967 Pontiac GTO convertible. Typical of the mid-60’s, US predilection for dropping ever-larger engines into mid-size bodies, the ’67 is now an icon of the muscle car era, and these days a well-maintained example sells for a significant amount of money.

GTO 0853


Note: I make no claim as to the ownership of these found images. If any of the above pictures belongs to you, and its presence here offends you, I will not hesitate to remove it.


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