09450017.jpgHi. Anybody who knows me, knows me as David Nicol. Unfortunately, there’s a popular British sci-fi/horror writer with the same name, so I’ve had to go with my full name, James David Nicol – I don’t want him suing me for defamation of character….

I was born in Scotland, and grew up there. I’ve lived in London, on the Kent coast in Southern England, in Hong Kong, and in Western Australia. The United States has been my home now for over twenty years.

It’s been a long, strange, funny, wonderful trip so far. I’ve worn many hats, figuratively speaking, that is. (I’ve never looked good in a hat.) Over the decades, I’ve called myself a banker, a rocker, a production manager, a freelancer, and several other endeavours either too fleeting, or too embarrassing to divulge. I am a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a grandfather. I’ve always wanted to write, and now, I’m doing it.

I have only been writing for a short time, yet fortunately, I have been published several times. Please check out links on the site to find previous work that’s available.

Please have a look around, follow me, and come back often, as I work up to the release of Mac and June, and all the adventures the young American experiences with his beloved June’s family.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Didn’t know they had any sort of water treatment in Scotland in the fifties! Thought that only extended to not allowing the cows to crap in the rivers. Still, glad to see the English eventually brought some civilization to the land of the painted savages.
    Good luck with the new career. I always knew that frustrated banker I met in 1976 would find his rightful place in life.

  2. I am so glad I caught this intro to your work tonight via the wonder that is (or not) FB, the social media lamb or dragon ! Anyway, I will be purchasing your works, tonight you have just sold your literary genius to me, a quine fae the north-east o Scotland – born and bred, Foggieloan to be precise, more poshly known as Aberchirder or Foggie Dirder ! Although I grew up in Foggie – I am in-fact a ” Banffer “, having been born at Banff Maternity, which is thankfully, one of the rural hospitals that was saved ! Good Luck with future writings, I look forward to reading your works to date ………… Best Wishes

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