Release News

CoverMac and June: Never A Dull Moment will be released this week!


Thank you for your patience. The last thing I wanted to do was put out something I wasn’t totally happy with, just to meet a deadline. I must admit, the whole “second album syndrome” loomed very large in my mind when I sat down to begin writing the sequel to Love In The Time Of Oil, with nothing but a blank screen and a blinking cursor for company.

Of course, I did know that Mac, June, Doug, Ronnie, Bessie, Peggy, and Grandpa would feature in the narrative, and that the first book had ended with Mac maybe going to work on the Stella Maris. Beyond that, I had no clue. I let the characters’ words lead me along. They are all such strong, diverse personalities that all I have to do is picture them in a situation, and away we go.

A couple of new, supporting characters feature this time around, as well as the return of others who made cameo appearances in the first book.

So, it’s my fervent wish that you enjoy Mac and June: Never A Dull Moment. Out of necessity, I’ve read it myself at least thirty times, and still laugh at some of the scenes. I only hope I’ve managed to effectively translate what was in my head onto the paper, so that you too can live in Mac and June’s world for a little while.





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