This Day In History, March 26th

Let’s see:

1827 Beethoven died.

1911 Tennessee Williams was born.

1931 Leonard Nimoy popped out.

1948 Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s birthday too.

1953 Dr Jonas Salk announced a vaccine for polio.

1959 Author (and one of my favorites) Raymond Chandler died.

1965 It was announced that Jeff Beck would replace Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds.

1979 Camp David Treaty signed, ending 31 year state of war between Israel and Egypt.

1983 Boris Yeltsin, who liked a drink, was elected Russian President.

1985 Keira Knightley was born.

(That last one made me feel very old.)

2015 (Yes, I know I said it would be released Coverlast week..) Mac and June: Never A Dull Moment is now published! The Kindle version is available right now, and the physical book will be on Amazon in a couple of days, maybe sooner. If you can’t wait for Amazon, the print version may be purchased today from Createspace (

Never A Dull Moment is going for the introductory price of $9.99, or the cost of a couple of venti lattes..

I have also lowered the print price of Mac and June: Love In The Time Of Oil, for those who may want to get up to speed before reading the second book.

I am excited that the follow-up is finally getting its public airing, and hope readers find it an enjoyable and fun read.

Please share this with your pals on social media, and after you’ve finished reading, a review on Amazon, Goodreads, etc, would be most appreciated.

Hurry up – Grandpa’s waiting..


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