Good News, Bad News

Bad news first  – sad to say Mac and June: Love In The Time Of Oil did not make it into the quarter finals of the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Managed to see the two judges’ reviews, and all I will say, because it is a subjective process, is they were diametrically opposed in their opinions. I could elaborate, believe me, but what’s done is done, and I have moved on.

Good News – the follow-up to Mac and June is moving right along. (tentatively titled Bicentennial, partly because it’s set in 1976, and partly because some of the action takes place in the USA. Mac and June have to go there after …. Oh no, I’m not giving that away.) I feel I have a pretty solid 150 pages in the bag, although I’m still waiting for the fog to clear so I can find a path to lead me through the final third of the novel.

All the usual suspects return, including Grandpa. He’s in fine form, and as unruly as ever. Mac gets a Doric lesson, the Meldrums go to see the Royal Family, an elderly relative (even older than Grandpa) pays a visit to Seatown, and something big happens by page forty….

Stay tuned,