Me reading a story

Back on February 1st this year, I had the privilege of being asked to read one of my short stories, entitled “Wings”, in front of a live audience along with five other Arizona writers. Brian Dunn and Robert Hoekman Jr. are the gents behind Spillers, an enterprise that showcases local authors, and they are doing a fine job.

I read my story in front of around 150 people, which was a real rush, After the event was over, I sat down afterwards to talk with Brian and Robert. I freely admit that I was a little tired,┬áhaving┬áconsumed a couple of drinks by the time we got to talking. The Spillers guys thought it an entertaining chat, and decided it was worth using. I’ll let you all decide…

Links for both are listed below. Have a listen, and please share if you feel it’s worthy.